Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beyond Cloning - Altering DNA After Birth

There is a lot of debate about cloning and its ethics. If we ignore that for a moment the other
issue with cloning is that DNA study takes a long time as you must clone over and over for minor changes.

But let's look beyond cloning, what if we could alter someone's DNA after birth. There are studies that have been done on holocaust survivors that determined that extreme trauma lead to their DNA being altered so they could handle extremely stressful situations. This was then passed on to their children. By doing so we could more rapidly study the DNA without the need to keep making clones.

More importantly, Dr. Hermona Soreq has developed a drug to block PTSD at the DNA level. Called Monarsen (after her nickname “Mona”)

Basically the research so far tells us that extreme stress can alter the DNA of our children and a cure for PTSD can block it at the DNA level. Previous studies showed that parts of the DNA strand are temperature sensitive too. We are getting close here on finding the answers we are desperately seeking.

As more research is done on Pshia or as I find out more about the living water or the fountain of youth I will post more here.

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