Friday, May 9, 2008

What is Pshia?

Have you every wanted to live forever? or at the vary least extend your life?
What about look younger? Are you looking for the fountain of youth, the living water?

Shi or shibire is a gene responsible for lifespan. It is interesting that Shibire means paralized in Japanese because paralizing this gene may lead to longer lifespans. Pshia simply means Protien shi A. From a simple google search you will come across this link:

In this article it mentions that Maham Ahmad and his mentor David Wakler of the California Institute of Technology did a study on the fruit fly and found they could extend its life from 30 to 40 days which is almost 50% of its life, by simply manipulating the shi.

Some people my confuse Pshia with the Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport but we are not related. Others may mistake us as shia, an islamic sect again this is not us.

As more research is done on Pshia or as I find out more about the living water or the fountain of youth I will post more here.

Pshia is affiliated with PRET 2036
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